From a Distance

Music Meets Poetry Project

You would expect that one uses free time during a lockdown to create new things, but to be honest: in the Dutch lockdown at the end of 2020 there was not much inspiration left 🙁 ...

To keep up the spirit, City Poet Lisa Veldkamp and I started a new project: "Music Meets Poetry"! 

During the last three months of 2020 we launched a little clip at 8:00 p.m. every Thursday evening on social media, with a new poem accompanied by new music. The first Poems with music were in Dutch, later on in the project we also had poems in English. You can listen and read all our work when you scroll down this page. Enjoy!

Note: a new piano book with the four most enjoyable piano pieces of this project has been published this Fall. If you are a pianist, please feel free to visit my webpage Songs from a Distance for more info. 

Je zou verwachten dat je tijdens een lockdown met veel vrije tijd fijn veel nieuwe dingen creëert, maar om eerlijk te zijn was er niet veel inspiratie 🙁 ...

Om elkaar te steunen en contact te houden startten stadsdichter Lisa Veldkamp en ik een nieuw project: Music Meets Poetry!

In de laatste drie maanden van 2020 lanceerden we elke donderdagavond om 20:00 uur een clip met een gedicht en nieuwe muziek op social media. Alle filmpjes vind je hieronder, door naar beneden te scrollen. Veel luister- en leesplezier!

PS: deze herfst is er een nieuw pianoboek uitgekomen met de vier mooiste stukken uit dit project. Dus mocht je piano spelen, dan ben je natuurlijk van harte uitgenodigd om een kijkje te nemen op de webpagina Songs from a Distance voor meer informatie!

“Hou vol..”

29-10-2020: The first poem with new music in our project "Music Meets Poetry" has the the title  "Hou vol" which means "Hold on". We still do!


5-11-2020: This second poem with new music in our project "Music Meets Poetry" is about the importance of keeping in touch with each other in this strange times.

“Lieve Corona”

12-11-2020: The third poem with new music in our project "Music Meets Poetry". It's a Satirical poem about us being completely fed up by this weird worldwide situation.

"Home is Where the Heart is"

19-11-2020: Our fourth poem with music  is a composition with violin! We were invited to perform on local television and we made a live recording of it for you, in the Oudshoornse Kerk with violinist Camilla van der Kooij. The poem with music is about being abroad in a lockdown and longing for home.

"East of the Sun, West of the Moon"

26-11-2020: Our fifth poem with music, this time with a little dreamy Poem about a mystic Night journey to get away from all the fuss.


3-12-2020: Our sixth poem with music, a contemplation about being isolated and the need to stay concerned.

"But all is well"

10-12-2020: The seventh video, about keeping up the appearance that you are just fine, while you are actually not… 


17-12-2020 premieres at 20:00 : The last Music Meets Poetry video, before the Christmas holidays, part VIII. This time about the Mermaid, a Poem from the Magical Beasts & Creatures series, with a lovely painting by Katinka Den Os-Tukker. The Magical Beasts & Creatures poems can be ordered at

You can order the sheet music separately for €2,95 a piece (or €4,95 for "Home is where the Heart is" with violin part) by sending an email to

New: The four most enjoyable piano solo pieces are published in a booklet, visit the webpage "Songs from a Distance" for more info!

Je kan de bladmuziek bestellen voor slechts €2,95 per stuk ("Home is Where the Heart  is" is met vioolpartij en daarom € 4,95) door een mail te sturen aan

Nieuw: de vier mooiste piano solo stukken zijn nu gebundeld in een nieuwe piano uitgave, zie de webpagina "Songs from a Distance"!